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(A quick note: This episode was recorded in mid-September, but released two days after the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas. It doesn’t address violence of that nature, only violence in general as it’s depicted in TV and movies, but still we felt it inappropriate to not acknowledge what has just happened. It’s been said thoughts and prayers only go so far in the wake of such tragedies, but for what it’s worth, our thoughts are with the victims, families, and those affected by this tragedy.)


Sam Fain thinks “The Right Hand of God” is an over-plotted, too-complicated-for-its-own-good episode. Dennis thinks it is a perfectly enjoyable hour of television and worthy entry into the “Quantum Leap” canon. The two hosts spar it out.

Who is Sam this episode? Sam is Kid Cody, a heavyweight boxer on the take in 1974 Sacramento, California. Cody’s contract has been inherited by a convent of nuns (don’t ask; it’s complicated.) Sam is there to win a championship match so Sister Angela can build a chapel to help orphaned kids like herself – and maybe to help Cody and his girlfriend, Dixie, fund their long-dreamed-for donut shop.


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