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Catch a Falling Star – May 21, 1979

Sam leaps into the life of Ray Hutton, an understudy in a touring production of “Man of La Mancha”, in 1979 Syracuse, New York. Al tells him he is there to stop the show’s boozing lead actor from taking a fall during a performance that will shatter his leg and end his career, but Sam is distracted by another objective: He is reunited with Nicole, his own piano teacher from his teenage years, who has been cast as an understudy in the show opposite Ray – and Ray and Nicole happened to have had a romantic relationship years ago at Julliard, a relationship Nicole seems interested in re-sparking. Now as an adult, Sam is presented with an opportunity he didn’t have when he knew her before.

Chicago playwright, Brooke Allen, and returning guest, Jessica Conger, join us to discuss the episode. Theater stories abound! Also, we dive deep into the moral implications of having sex with someone while inhabiting the life of another person.

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