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Freedom – November 22, 1970

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Sam is George Washaki, a young Native American who must help his dying grandfather, Joseph, escape from the local jail and make the journey to his true home so that he may die on his own terms, and not in a care facility as in the original history.

Sam Fain, Dennis and guest host, Scottie Caldwell, discuss the episode. This is Scottie’s first complete episode of “Quantum Leap”, and she brings some great talking points!

Given the premise of this episode, we speak a great deal about Native American culture through U.S. history, the American Indian Movement (AIM) of the early 1970s, and cultural appropriation, especially in relation to sports mascots. We attempted to be as sensitive and mindful as possible in relation to these subjects.

We frequently use these references: Beyond the Mirror Image: The Observer’s Guide to Quantum Leap, available at

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