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Sea Bride – June 3, 1954

Sam leaps into Phillip Dumont, who’s aboard the RMS Queen Mary, departing New York, there to stop his ex-wife, Catherine’s, impending wedding. She is about to marry Vincent Loggia, *ahem*, Vinny the Viper, in an arranged marriage aimed at saving the family business. Years ago, Phillip went missing while sailing, and Catherine’s dad had their marriage annulled. In the original history, Catherine married Vinny, Phillip committed suicide (or did he?), and Catherine died of a broken heart a couple of years later. Ziggy says there’s an 83% chance Sam is there to change that.

We gush a lot over the amazing costumes from Jean-Pierre Dorléac, who was nominated for an Emmy for this episode. We also discuss the strange foreshadowing this episode does for a future story of Al’s, and how the show in old-school, standard definition is like listening to great music on vinyl.

We frequently use these references: Beyond the Mirror Image: The Observer’s Guide to Quantum Leap, available at
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