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Miss Deep South – June 7, 1958


Sam leaps into Darlene Monte, a beauty pageant contestant on her way to compete in the Miss Deep South competition. There, he meets another contestant, Connie Duncan, who is going to disappear before the competition begins after being seduced into taking nude photos by Clint Beaumont, the pageant’s photographer. Sam must change her fate, while not altering history for Darlene – in the original history, she placed third, and used the scholarship award to go on to become one of the top women cardiologists in the country.

Sam and Dennis are joined by Kelly and Megan (please don’t say “Megan, Kelly”!) of the comedy podcast, The Courtesy Flush. They help us pick a part an episode that certainly means well, but has some problematic content looking at the episode through a 2018 lense. Enjoy them on this episode, and check out their show as well.

Programming note: We had some sound issues with this episode. Sam did some incredibly diligent work to fix what he could, but Kelly, Megan and Dennis are quiet in some segments. 

We frequently use these references: Beyond the Mirror Image: The Observer’s Guide to Quantum Leap, available at
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