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The Leap Back – June 15, 1945 / September 18, 1999


Hello Leapers! We’re back with a new episode, talking about Season 4’s premiere, THE LEAP BACK. Sam leaps home! Al leaps into 1945! We finally meet Ziggy and the rest of Project Quantum Leap, and Sam is reunited with his forgotten wife.

We are joined by guest, Karyn Saxon, to discuss the episode. We talk about what we loved, what we didn’t, and Dennis goes on a deep fan wank of how he would have written this episode as a two-parter. Spoiler: Part 1 would have ended with Al and Suzanne dying by being pushed off the cliff at Lover’s Leap.


One comment on “The Leap Back – June 15, 1945 / September 18, 1999

  1. Chris Leibel says:

    I know this comment has nothing to do with The Leap Back episode, but Sam should have leaped back into his own time to permanently be with his wife.


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