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Raped – June 20, 1980

Katie tells her story
Listen to the episode here.

CW for this episode: Frank discussion about rape and victim-blaming

Sam leaps into a Katie McBain, a rape victim, as she is in the hospital after her attack. As Katie, Sam pursues charges and a trial against the man who assaulted her, in a community that does not want to believe her.

Given the subject matter of this particular episode, we’d like to provide the following resource for any listener who might need it: RAINN, the United State’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.

Sam and Dennis are joined by returning guest, Claire Feeney, to discuss the episode – what works looking at the episode from a 2019 lens (not much), and what doesn’t (oh, so much.) Claire is a member of the Chicago-based band, Claire and the Bears. Learn more about them at their website, and if you’re so inclined, contribute to the making of their first album.

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